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Multiple power sources provide support for Hunan's peak season and summer vacation

DATE:23-07-19 VIEWS:62

Recently, with the continuous rise of temperature, the load of Hunan power grid has reached a historic high. Song Xiangfei, Director of the Power Generation Department of Jinzhushan Power Plant of Datang Huayin Power Company, and his colleagues have increased their efforts in equipment inspection and maintenance to ensure the "full and stable operation" of thermal power units.

Thermal power is the "Political base" of Hunan power supply guarantee. The Jinzhushan Power Plant, located in the central Hunan region, has a total of 3 thermal power units with an installed capacity of 1.8 million kilowatts and is a key backbone thermal power enterprise in Hunan. Since the end of June, the three units have been generating at full load.

The reporter saw at the coal yard of Jinzhushan Power Plant that coal was piled up like a mountain under a huge dome, which was very spectacular. The bucket wheel continuously grabs raw materials and then transports coal to the production area. As of July 16th, the factory has stored nearly 540000 tons of coal, which can meet the power generation demand for 31 days.

He Shuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Jinzhushan Power Plant, said that coal is the "food supply" for thermal power units. Since April, the company has dispatched six coal-fired procurement teams to search for high-quality coal sources in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places.

With the arrival of peak electricity consumption, Jinzhushan Power Plant continues to increase procurement efforts. During the reporter's interview, Zeng Bin, the director of the Fuel Procurement Department, was "adjusting coal" in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. According to the introduction, power plants need to replenish their inventory in a timely manner based on the actual consumption of coal, ensure that inventory is maintained at a high level, and try to purchase high calorific value coal during high load periods.

In the case of long-term "full load", the safe and stable operation of thermal power units is particularly important. To this end, Jinzhushan Power Plant has developed a detailed work guarantee plan, established teams for safety and environmental protection, maintenance, operation adjustment, and material support, with management personnel taking turns leading the team to be on duty 24 hours a day.

From 15:00 to 22:00 every day is the peak electricity consumption period, which is also the busiest time of the day for Song Xiangfei. He and his colleagues closely monitor the screen and equipment operation data in the central control room, and regularly inspect the machine room to measure temperature and vibration of the equipment.

When encountering an abnormal situation, he immediately coordinated with colleagues from the maintenance team to rush to the site for disposal and promptly eliminate safety hazards. The heat wave hit the production area, and as I walked around, my work clothes were quickly soaked in sweat.

In Xikuangshan Mine, Lengshuijiang City, the photovoltaic project developed and operated by Jinzhushan Power Plant is the "new force" of power supply. It is understood that the installed capacity of the whole project is 1 million kilowatts, and the first phase of 500000 kilowatts, including the Xikuangshan Mine area, has been connected to the grid for power generation.

Standing at the Baiguo Ridge of Xikuangshan Mine, which is nearly kilometers above sea level, you can see the dark blue solar panels rising and falling along the mountain and shining in the sun on the barren slope among the mountains. Zhu Yong, the maintenance specialist of the photovoltaic power generation project department, said that during the peak summer season, new energy sources such as photovoltaics play a good role in supplementing and regulating power supply.

It is understood that currently, 41 thermal power units in Hunan Province are all connected to the grid for operation, with the maximum output of photovoltaic reaching a historic high. Various power sources such as hydropower, wind power, and "external power" are providing support for peak season and summer vacation. (Shirata)